• Adult: 8 €
• Children under 12 years: 6€
• Child under 3 years free


The drinks

Grain coffee, tea (Earlgrey, nature, lemon, red fruits and mint), decaffeinated, cappuccino, milk (hot and cold), plain water, fruit juice (orange and apple).

Breads and variants

White bread, country bread, mini viennoiseries (chocolate bread, croissant, grape bread), sweet cake; Cake filled, rusks, cereals (cornflakes, chocopops).

Sweet toppings

Jams (apricot, strawberry, plum, orange, cherry), spreads, honey.

Salty toppings

Charcuterie (white ham, rosette); hard egg.

Dairy products

White cheese, plain and fruit yoghurt, cheese (goat, county and camembert); Soft butter.

Other products

Sugar powder, sugar; aspartame.

The fruits

Fruit baskets, dried fruits (figs, apricots, prunes), compote (5 perfumes to choose from).


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