Hotel - Eco-responsible restaurant

The Regina is committed to actions around sustainable development and the environment.

Being an eco-citizen means changing some bad habits! And it is above all to strive to respect nature and the environment as much as possible.

Everything we do has an impact on the environment. This is why, we ask you, when possible:

To turn off the lights when you leave the room,
Not to leave electrical devices on standby, especially your computer,
Not to leave your phone charger plugged in,
Do not leave the heating at a high temperature or the air conditioning at too low a temperature and keep the window closed,
Not to let the tap water run unnecessarily,
If you are staying for several nights, you can use your towels by laying them on the towel rack. If you would like them to be changed, we thank you for putting them in the shower,
If you want to help sorting, place on your bedroom desk: magazines, unsoiled papers, empty plastic water bottles and newspapers,
Report any anomaly (water leak, etc.) to us.
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Replacement of incandescent and halogen bulbs for low consumption bulbs.
Bathroom :

Reuse towels,
The showers are equipped with thermostats and the 3 / 6L flush toilets,
Use of Eco Label products such as toilet paper.

Sorting of waste by employees and customers,
Decrease in individual and disposable products for bathrooms,
Elimination, if possible, of individual prepackaged portions,
Fight against food waste especially with the buffet.
Recovery and recycling

ELISE for recycling paper, batteries and cups,
SAPOCYCLE for recycling soap,
ROULE MA FRITE for cooking oils.
All these companies or associations allow people to work in a situation

of disability or precariousness.